NEVADA, Iowa — The Nevada Volunteer Fire Department’s reliable rural fire engine is old enough to be in a museum. The department wants to replace the truck, but it needs donations to afford the newer model.

Nevada Fire Chief Ray Reynolds says a new fire engine will likely cost around $700,000, so the department is hoping to raise $300,000 in donations to purchase it.

“When people donate to a volunteer fire department, it does have benefits,” Reynolds said. “We’re really excited to start this campaign.”

You can donate at the fire department’s Venmo page or by mailing a check or cash to the fire department.

Reynolds said the current rural fire engine was built in 1997, which makes it 26 years old. However, he said fire department standards encourage retiring vehicles after 20 years due to safety reasons.

“How old do you want the fire engine to be that’s at your house when your house is on fire?” Reynolds said. “We like new equipment, new hoses, and the best, because that’s what keeps our firefighters safe.”

Nevada Fire employs more than 40 volunteer firefighters and covers a large section of Story County.

The campaign started off with a big boost from a local business. Burke Corporation, a pizza topping manufacturer headquartered in Nevada, donated $50,000 towards the new fire engine.

Reynolds said that initial donation makes him optimistic the department will purchase their new vehicle.

“By doing this, we are pushing our department twenty-five years down the road with lots of safety features they didn’t have in these trucks twenty-six years ago,” Reynolds said.