Nevada Democratic Party Says it Will Look to Switch to Primary, Iowans React

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The head of Nevada’s Democratic Party on Monday suggested support in ending the caucus system and moving to a state primary.

An emailed statement Monday from William McCurdy II called for a “serious conversation” about switching to a primary due to the “limitations” of the caucus process.

“Our state party team worked tirelessly and put in years of planning to prepare for this caucus, and we’re so grateful to the Nevadans who gave their time and energy to help us run our most transparent and accessible caucus ever. We accomplished so much together, and showcased to the nation what a diverse electorate actually looks like,” said McCurdy.

His comments come after the Iowa caucuses were plagued by errors thanks to an untested app used by the state party.

Marrita Jacobs, who was a Des Moines precinct captain on caucus night, said she is fond of the caucuses, but thinks a primary might be the best path forward for Iowa.

“I do feel it is excluding people who have to work,” she said. “Those people can’t make it to the caucus within that three hour frame. I believe we need to accommodate those people so they can have a voice in the Democratic Party of Iowa.”

Sean Bagniewski, chair of the Polk County Democrats, said the pros outweigh the cons and that this year’s caucus was successful for them.

“We had really good conversations from Democrats. We had more people than ever before get involved. They were much smoother than we’ve seen before,” he said.

Bagniewski acknowledged the faults in the reporting process, but said he doesn’t think that should be the reason Iowa scraps the caucuses.

“There’s a lot of room for improvement, but we shouldn’t show the baby out with the bath water,” he said.


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