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SANDYVILLE, Iowa — The photos are difficult to look at it. They show the bodies of dogs found in various stages of decay, in and around kennels covered in feces; the collars were still on the remains. Warren County authorities found the remains of at least two dogs on the property of a home on Iowa Street in Sandyville, near Indianola. the Animal Rescue League of Iowa (ARL) met Sheriff’s deputies on the property on Wednesday night. The Warren County Attorney’s office says a deputy was first sent to the home on January 27.

“I didn`t know two doors down was doing anything like that,” said neighbor Jacob Willson. He and other neighbors say they had no idea about the neglected dogs and they are disturbed by the images that have been released by ARL. “Why would you let it starve? I mean, if it was sick or something…if there was anything wrong with the dog, that it couldn`t survive if you will, the humane thing is to put him down,” said Willson. “I mean yes, there are medical procedures and things like that, but put it out of its misery you know, don`t just let it waste away to nothing,” he said.

Neighbors identify the person who was living in the house as Lindsey Morrow…seen here in this photo.

The man who runs Phillips Auto Salvage, a junkyard across the street from where the deceased dogs were found, also owns the home where the remains were found. He declined to go on camera, but did confirm that he has been renting the house out to Morrow.

“We`ve offered that if the Warren County Sheriff`s office would like to have the animals’ body sent for necropsy, that we would be happy to cover that cost,” said ARL Spokesperson Stephanie Filer. “We hope that, anticipate that they`ll take advantage of that, whether it`s under our cost or theirs, but that`s really the only way to determine from an evidentiary standpoint how the animals died,” said Filer.

The Warren County Attorney’s office is considering animal neglect and animal torture charges in this case. So far, there have not been any arrests made.