Neighboring Bar Owner Responds to Lime Lounge Lawsuit

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DES MOINES, Iowa — In the defamation suit the owners of Lime Lounge claim the long list of defendants including Zoning Enforcement Officer Suann Donovan, City Council Man Joe Gatto, Police Chief Dana Wingert and Sergeant Paul Parizek all conspired to damage their business.

A neighboring bar owner said he thinks the Lime Lounge has caused too much trouble and should be shut down and turned into something else.

“Number one, the illegal music on the patio that you can hear clear through the village. Number two, about every Wednesday or Thursday night we have half a dozen squad cars down here because of fights and then we had that shooting down here out in front of them. That’s just not good. It hurts my business because people are scared of it,” Mongo Eikleberry, owner of The Blazing Saddle, said.

The suit says statements made by Sgt. Pareizek about shootings just outside of the bar in 2018 and 2019 were knowingly false. He couldn’t comment on the matter because he is specifically named, but here’s what he said about the bar in one of our previous stories.

“If you’re going to foster an environment that’s comfortable for people with guns to come into your bar, then this stuff is going to happen,” Parizek said.

The owners also claim this statement made by Councilman Gatto to Channel 13 is untrue.

He said he’s dealt with the Lime Lounge before and they refuse to make changes or cooperate and he will be doing whatever is necessary to fix the problem.

Lime Lounge gave Channel 13 this statement regarding the lawsuit:

“At Lime Lounge, we don’t just serve lawsuits, we also serve amazing handcrafted drinks in our beautiful venue with upscale metropolitan appeal! During our eight years in the East Village (and nearly 10 years in business), our amazing neighbors and thousands of incredible guests have found that the evidence proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that Lime Lounge’s famous Coconut Mojito is the most refreshing adult beverage available anywhere. it would be a grave miscarriage of justice not to enjoy one today!”


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