Nebraska couple celebrate 80th anniversary with ride in Model T


WAYNE, Neb. (KCAU) – A Siouxland couple celebrated their 80th wedding anniversary Monday and their community helped make it extra memorable.

Clair and Lura Stoakes were married on August 23, 1941 in El Cajun, California. Now, 80 years later, they’re celebrating in style.

“I can’t believe that. We, I just can’t believe this many people,” said Lura Stoakes.

To make the day special, a 1926 Ford Model T was brought to their nursing home for the couple to take a memorable ride.

“Care center called that, honoring their anniversary. They’d like to ride in a Model T and, so they called me and said, ‘Can we use your car?’ and I said, ‘Well, I can’t get them in because the seats too narrow.’ I called Senator Engel and said, ‘You got a, you can seat four in your Model T, will you loan it out?’ And he said, ‘Sure I’ll loan it out,’” said Lowell Johnson, a family friend.

“Oh, I just makes the tears come. In fact, it’s been a long long time since I even seen one of those,” said an emotional Clair Stoakes.

“That was awesome. The people here know them so well. They’ve been here for two years. It was amazing because my dad loves cars and he used to have a Model T. Just the look on their faces was priceless to me,” said Susan Hajek, the daughter of Clair and Lura.

Hajek said the staff at Wayne Countryview Care and Rehab played a major role in organizing their celebration.

“We’ve needed help and they have been amazing. They’ve been way more than caretakers, they’ve been family,” Hajek said.

Lura said her key to a long and happy marriage is to always kiss your significant other and say “I love you” before bedtime.

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