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URBANDALE, Iowa — “It`s painful and you want to stop.” said Kyle Weismantel.  The pain was much more than physical Saturday as Urbandale’s CrossFit Des Moines honored fallen officer Justin Martin with a “Hero” workout.  “The mental part of this is to know what you are doing in his honor and it is going to be amazing.  It helps you get through it,” said Urbandale Police Sergeant Gary Lang.

The event brought Martin’s family and a total of 280 people.  Greg Martin, Justin’s Uncle said, “He was here working out all the time so we are here to celebrate his life.”

A special group of police officers from Iowa and other states represented the thin blue line together.  “In his honor I’m doing it in uniform,”said Sgt. Lang.  Officer Martin’s memory was woven throughout the workout.  Lang said, “It’s a twenty-four minute workout because he was twenty-four years old and there’s six movements because he had been here for six months.”

Through sweat and also tears, the workout utilized Justin’s favorite lifts and even paid tribute to Officer Martin’s badge number 1140.  Groups went through 11 deadlifts, 40  box jumps, 11 strict pull-ups, 40 push-ups, 11 power cleans and 40 wall balls.  All continuously until the time was up.  Tough enough to put Martin`s athletic frame to the test.  “We called him Robo-Cop.  That`s what he was.  He came in here and tried really hard and had an amazing physique.” Kyle Weismantel, who often worked out with Martin said, “He was probably 6`2″ 235 pounds.”

As their breath became heavy  and stamina in doubt, Weismantel said just one thing was on the minds of many,  “I know Justin would push through so I just pushed through for him.”