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This week, the nation’s best collegiate athletes pull into town for the Division I National Wrestling Championships.

The city expects thousands of people will spend their money here but, to make sure wrestling fans have a great experience, they need dozens of volunteers.

“It took an army to prepare for this thing; it really was a team effort.”

Greg Edwards with the Convention and Visitors Bureau Says Des Moines began gearing up for the event four years ago when it won the bid to host the tournament.

But hosting such a large event takes a lot of volunteers and right now, the city is short by 100 of the 400 needed.

“We`re looking for folks that will volunteer for everything, from being at our shuttle stops, to welcoming people.”

The city has already been decorated with signs, posters and pictures welcoming the 25,000 people expected to be in Des Moines this week, a number that will make a big impact for Des Moines’ economy.

“These folks are going to be spending all throughout the community whether it be in just hotels, restaurants, they`re going to be shopping, they`re going to be out doing other things entertaining themselves so it`s a great impact.”

That impact is something Buzzard Billy’s has been looking forward to.

“We`ve been gearing up a lot with our employees getting them prepared to work long hours and busy shifts,” said Joseph Tinker.

The restaurant plans to have an overflow room, beer tents outside and has even hired 30 additional employees to keep up with the big crowds.

“Our location is just prime for this, we have so much business that comes from any event that happens over there anyway but with this event we expect it to be extraordinary.”

For more information on how to volunteer, visit their website.


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