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Let’s face it, Des Moines is pretty awesome. We’ve known this for years but others are just now finding out.

After the NBC’S Today Show dubbed us the wealthiest, The Washington Post gave its readers 12 reasons why Iowa rules.

Custom screen printing t-shirt shop, Raygun, made the list. They shop has been labeling Des Moines as cool on their t-shirts since 2005.

“You don’t see it anywhere else, that’s what makes it unique,” said Raygun employee, Taylor Frame.

Frame said the store hasn’t been this busy on a Saturday since Christmas. The store sold most of their ‘Des Moines: The wealthiest city in the universe’ shirts. While customers hope their new shirt fits, others said they hope they don’t bust out of theirs.

“I’m just stuffed,” said Larry Ellison. Ellison is visiting the Iowa Machine Shed from Virginia.

“One of our colleagues who lives here recommended it, so we come over today and were happy we came over,” Ellison said.

The Iowa Machine Shed ranks fourth on the coolest places in Iowa. Cat Wood of the Iowa Machine Shed said the ranking was an honor.

“We had no idea, so I think when you get a surprise like that your like wow! That`s awesome, we didn’t even see that coming,” Wood said.

The national spotlight has fared well with local businesses but it’s even better for the city.

“There may be people looking at us right now to hold a major convention or sporting event or whatever and they see this kind of stuff and it’s like, wow! Des Moines is a cool place!” said Greg Edwards with The Greater Des Moines Visitors and Convention Bureau.

Edwards said The Greater Des Moines Visitors and Conventions Bureau will use the national recognition to help lure in new vacationers to the city.