CLEVELAND (WJW) — Residents of some neighborhoods in northeast Ohio have reported a strange odor lingering in several local communities in recent weeks.

The fire department in Lakewood, Ohio, told FOX 8 last Wednesday that firefighters had responded to reports of a “lighter fluid” or “charcoal” smell in southern parts of the city.

Lakewood fire officials said the odor has since dissipated.

Now, officials with the NASA Glenn Research Center say they might have an answer to the mystery odor — and it’s more unexpected than residents may have guessed!

“NASA Glenn develops new technologies that advance aviation and space exploration. As part of that mission, we routinely run tests in our facilities to simulate flight conditions. Sometimes, during those tests, we use jet fuel, and it can leave a smell,” a NASA Glenn spokesperson said in a statement.

Officials say the tests, which are part of NASA Glenn’s normal air permitted operations, will come to an end on Friday.

“We understand the smell has been unpleasant. It’s important to us to be good neighbors to the community, and we will look for ways to mitigate it in the future,” the statement went on to say.