Nate Boulton Not Giving Up Senate Seat Following Allegations of Sexual Misconduct

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IOWA  —  After facing allegations of sexual misconduct, Senator Nate Boulton has confirmed he will not be leaving the Iowa Senate.

In May, three women came forward with stories of inappropriate behavior, saying the senator groped or rubbed himself against them at various times. Boulton then suspended his gubernatorial campaign and Iowans wondered if he would resign from his Senate position, but on Monday the politician announced he is not leaving.

Boulton released a statement explaining his thoughts on the allegations, saying he remembers the incidents differently but admits his “perspective is likely clouded by intoxication.” The senator goes on to say his decisions were influenced by “excessive drinking,” which he reveals has been a problem in the past. He then states he has “made progress with [his] drinking behavior” since last year.

“I believe each of us is stronger than our weakest moments and that our potential will always be brighter than how it might appear in our darkest hours. The responsibilities I have to my constituents and as a dedicated advocate for working families across this state have not ended,” he wrote on Twitter.

See Boulton’s full statement below.

In response, Senate Democratic Leader Janet Peterson released the following statement:

“I am disappointed by Senator Boulton’s decision. 

“When I called on Senator Boulton to resign nearly two months ago, I did it because, like many Iowans, I believe that sexual harassment and misconduct should not be tolerated by anyone, anywhere. 

“Senator Boulton will now need to answer to voters in his district, to a potential independent investigation, and to other Iowans involved in the national conversation on this important issue.” 


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