Name Your Price Adoption Event Brings Dozens to the ARL

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DES MOINES, Iowa — Even four days after the initial rescue, the Animal Rescue League is still pulling out kittens from 65-year-old Dennis Carlson’s home in Madrid. Now with up to more than 150 cats found, the space inside the shelter is getting tight.

“We already had 1,100 cats in our care, which is about 400 more than we typically had this time of year and then we get the call that there were hundreds on a property that needed help immediately,” Animal Rescue League spokesperson Stephanie Filer said. “We have a lot of very young kittens and a lot of sick kittens, so this batch of over now 150, we will not be having them up for adoption anytime soon.”

But the Animal Rescue League said in order to help those kittens, a chain reaction needs to happen.

“That’s to adopt and foster the ones that are available now, which is over 200 cats and kittens, and then we can have the ones that are waiting for space in adoption to move up and then move these guys into the building once they’re cleared medically,” Filer said.

This weekend the Animal Rescue League is hosting their Name Your Price Adoption event for cats and dogs six months or older at all of their locations.

“We also know that adding a new pet to your home can be a cost burden, you pay the adoption fee, you have to sometimes get all the supplies if you haven’t had that species in your home yet, you definitely have to get more food,” Filer said.

But Patty Bierman from Clive said the potential reduced price wasn’t the reason she was adopting a cat Saturday.

“It really didn’t matter; I just know that the older cats need to get adopted so when those kittens get ready there’s room for them,” Bierman said.

Each cat is spayed or neutered, microchipped and vaccinated. That’s a big selling point for the Klemp family, who is naming their newly adopted cat, “Squirt, because he’s cute and he’s little and my wife just fell in love with him immediately,” Steve Klemp said.

The name your price adoption event wraps up Saturday at 6 p.m. But it will continue Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. at every Animal Rescue League location.

If you are planning to adopt, bring a photo ID with your current address. You can also bring kids and other pets to see how they interact with the animals.


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