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The Gold Star Military Museum at Camp Dodge is closing due to the government shutdown.

“It`s a little bit upsetting yes, it`d be nice if they get it open again and get everything going again,” says museum visitor, Betty Butler.

On Monday the museum doors will be closed indefinitely. Saturday was the last day of normal hours for visitors.

The museum is funded by the state however some museum jobs are federally funded. Several of those employees will be placed on temporary leave.

Michael Vogt, the museum’s curator, says “Our mission is to educate and interpreted the state military history but we have to do that within a budget that is provided for us.”

Iowa Guard members say without the museum, so many visitors are missing out on a crucial piece of Iowa’s history.

“These are the efforts of all Iowans who have served in whatever military conflict so to close the door on that we lose the ability to tell that story.”

The museum maintains Iowa military artifacts and stories. It first opened in 1985.