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A lead investigator in the kidnapping and murder case of Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins has released a new tip that could possibly lead to more information in the case.

Lyric and Elizabeth were abducted last July while on a bike ride in Evansdale. Months later their bodies were found in a Bremer County wildlife area.

The investigator tells KWWL that authorities have three separate witnesses who say they saw a white SUV parked on Arbutus Avenue. The street meets up with the bike trail, where the girls’ bikes were found.

Two of the witnesses say they saw the white SUV parked between two bike trail signs. The other witness told police they saw the vehicle parked near the woods on the east side of Meyers Lake, that’s only a few hundred feet away the bikes were found.

All of three of these individuals say they saw the SUV between the times of 11:30 a.m. and 12:30 p.m. on July 13th, 2012.

Authorities hope this may jog people’s memory and they may get more information with this tip now out in the public.

“There is just a lot of reports, a lot of information to read through and not that there’s a little bit of a lull and we are able to start pouring through those reports and make those connections I think and I hope that this is kind of the beginning,” says Mike Roehrkasse with the Iowa DCI.

All three of the witnesses describe the vehicle as a large, clunky, white SUV. One of the witnesses described the SUV as an older model, boxy suburban.

Two of these witnesses came forward with this information earlier in the investigation. The other tip came in several months later.

Authorities want people to remember no matter the size or significance of the tip it may be that key piece in the investigation. For example — the last person to come forward assumed someone else had already brought it up.