MURDER TRIAL: Defense Witness Calls Huser ‘Fair’

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The jury is learning more about Vernon Huser’s character in his retrial.

Huser is accused of first degree murder for hiring a hitman to kill Lance Morningstar.

Huser's defense says Huser rented out some of his buildings throughout Ankeny, and Tuesday one of his tenants was called to the stand. The tenant testified that he rented from Huser for nearly 20 years and that Huser was always a fair man.

He said on several occasions when he would get stuck in the snow, Huser would personally come help him get out.

The defense also called one of Huser's ex-girlfriends to the stand.

Janice Larson testified that she and Huser went to Woolheater’s home to pick up some wine that he had left out front for her. When Woolheater wasn't home, she asked Huser to leave a note thanking him.

“Neither of us had a piece of paper and all he had was a card and old Ankeny sanitation card and I said just write call me on that and he left it at his house,” Janice Larson testified.

Earlier in the trial the state questioned a law enforcement official on a box that was collected from Woolheater’s home in which Huser’s business card was found along with other items that linked Woolheater to the murder.

The prosecution hasn't spent much time cross-examining the defenses witnesses.

Huser is expected to take the stand in his own defense before the week is over.



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