DES MOINES, Iowa — Police are releasing additional information about the shooting that left three Roosevelt High School students injured.

The 17-year-old female and both 18-year-old males will survive their gunshot injuries, according to the Des Moines Police. The victims’ names have not yet been released. There has been no one arrested for the shooting either, but the police confirmed that there were several shooters at the scene early Sunday morning.

“Examining the evidence there we know there were multiple shooters,” said Sgt. Paul Parizek with the Des Moines Police Department, “We have got some really good investigative leads both forensically and then information that we’ve gathered from interviews that are leading us down the path.”

There are no names for suspects available at this time, or their intent when they arrived at the 400 block of Foster Drive. The police are most concerned with getting them in custody.

“The priority right now is figuring out who’s pulling the trigger on those guns and getting them in custody,” said Parizek. “We’ve got a lot of other questions about the circumstances surrounding the house party. We’ll get those answered later on down the road. But right now we are focusing on finding the shooters.”

Parizek added that the department had learned the host family’s intentions were probably good but there wasn’t a good strategy to manage the party; and it got out of hand fast.

A resident of the neighborhood shared his thoughts when he woke up on Sunday morning and saw the news about the shooting.

“Initial reaction, you know, shootings are never good especially with young people involved,” said Rex Andersen. “We’re not like Chicago, where we have 30 shootings a day, but it’s a little unsettling when you hear young people getting shot.”

Andersen said he never would have expected an incident like this to happen along Foster Drive.