Multiple Men Suspected In Simpson College Sexual Assault

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INDIANOLA, Iowa– A Simpson College student reported a sexual assault on campus, but police are unable to start investigating.

“I live in the building next to it, I generally do not feel unsafe on this campus,” student Logan Ward said.

Wards lives in Simpson’s student housing. Right next door to Buxton Hall where another student reported being sexually assaulted by several men Sunday.

“Potential multiple people involved although we do not have an official report from the victim. Either to us or to the police,” Dean of Students Luke Behaunek said. “We do not know who the perpetrators are, we can’t identify that there is no longer a threat to campus.”

However, identifying that threat won’t be easy.

The student wasn’t sure how many suspects were involved, or which room it happened.

Plus, there are also no cameras at the dorm entrances.

“I am not sure cameras would have helped the situation, based off the facts as we know them,” Behaunek said.

Student Melanie Gillet thinks cameras could calm some of the uneasiness.

“I am still fighting for security cameras. I am in contact with the administration about it,” Gillet said. “It does make me feel a little uneasy when I am out an about at night.”

Simpson College is in contact with Indianola Police, but the police investigation is at a standstill because victim has opted to not file a police report.

“Our door is always open, if you’re a victim of crime and you don’t know what to do come to the police department you don’t have to make an official police report,” Sergeant Brian Sher said.

Students say the victim has already done enough.

“They are brave for coming forward and giving their truth, it’s a very sensitive thing,” Gillet said.

Simpson says security cameras could be installed in all exterior entrances as soon as Summer.

A reminder for students: always walk in groups at night, let someone know where you’re going, and carry safety and security supplies.


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