GRIMES, IOWA — The Grimes City Council is set to make major decisions on Tuesday on the construction of a multi-million dollar community center and athletics event space.

The beginning steps of construction for the GrimesPlex began last December. Prepping irrigation for the turf field that will soon be home to dozens of soccer, baseball, softball and football fields. Now construction crews have put up lights, prepping even further for the turf, and setting up the electrical system.

On Tuesday night at a Grimes City Council meeting, members approved a $4.53 million construction bid to local company Edge Commercial for the construction of concession and restroom facilities at the GrimesPlex.

The estimated $20 million project is 200 acres with the Hope District currently under construction that will have retail, restaurants and hotel development. Several neighbors shared their excitement or concern over the project nearing a year to completion.

“I’m not certainly against an athletic complex,” said Bryan Herbold, who lives in a nearby neighborhood. but I think, you know, it’s it’s a big expenditure and, you know, the funding of it obviously is going to is going to need to be coming from property tax or you know, other revenue sources. And I think people are concerned about paying higher property taxes.”

Herbold was excited for all of the exciting infrastructure that will come along with the new facility; but he also wanted the city to use the the large amount of money on, what he believes, is more important infrastructure. That includes a local police force. Grimes is patrolled currently by the Polk County Sheriff’s Office.

Another neighbor has children and coaches his daughter’s softball team. The facility slowly becoming a reality was exciting for him.

“I’m excited for that because every every weekend you look forward to a lot of your sport, your tournament, and then when it gets rained out, it just kind of throws everything for a loop. Your whole weekend was looking forward to it. My kids are looking forward to it,” said Jeremy Evans.

Evans believes that when the GrimesPlex is built, the business will follow and so will tax relief.

The council also approved bids for a sponsorship marketing company and a deal with Destination Grille to operate the concessions.