MILO, Iowa — In Milo there is a July 4th event that is really down and dirty. It’s called the Milo Filthy Mud Run.  The runners start at the school and follow a course down to Centennial Park near the ball diamonds.  Here the Milo Fire Department has rigged up a course with mud holes, they can jump, or swim.  One mud event involves crawling on your stomach to get through.

“This is our ninth one it would’ve been the tenth, but we skipped 2020 because of COVID,” said Christie Storm, the Mud Run organizer.  “It’s to fund the trail that they’re building,  it’ll start at the north end of town by the school and I’ll come down here to Centennial Park.”

The runners also have a home-built slip and slide which goes down a very steep slide for about 100 feet or so.

“We were just trying to come up with a fun way to raise money to fund the bike trail,” said Storm, “and just kind of how it started, we thought we would do some biking things through here but then we just decided to the mud run and it’s just kinda and stuck.”

Each year they can draw 75 to 150 runners depending on what day of the week the 4th falls on.

“It raises probably about $4,000 each time and then they take that money to pour parts of the parts of the trail,” said Storm.

You can learn more about the Milo Filthy Mud Run by clicking here.