Mother’s Facebook Post Spurs Additional Training at Central Iowa Child Care Facility

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Pleasant Hill, Iowa – 15-month-old Ellie Flagg is Jenne Reedholm's first born child.

"She's such a sweet child,” said Reedholm. “She's super sensitive, loving and caring."

Like any first time parent, the first day of daycare wasn't easy.

"It was extremely hard,” she said. “I was petrified of course. I think I called to check on her like twice a day. It was very scary."

After eight months of care, those fears didn't get better. They turned into a nightmare this summer when Ellie came home with a mark on her neck.

"That's when I let the director know this happened and she came to the conclusion that she thinks one of the teachers ripped a velcro bib off and it rubbed across the back of her neck," she said.

Reedholm says more occurred in an eight-week span after July.

"She was bitten four times total when she was in the toddler room. She was kicked in the face, hit in the mouth with a toy and her hair was ripped out and that was the most concerning when she came home with a bald spot on her head," said Reedholm.

On July 23, after moving her children to another daycare in the metro, Reedholm took to Facebook to warn others about Kinder Care which claims to be the only NAEYC accredited center in Pleasant Hill.

"After I posted my post they reached out saying, 'hey my son has been bitten six times, my daughter had three bloody noses in that room.' So I just want them to know they are not alone," she said.

On September 26, a memo was sent out to all Kinder Care families in Pleasant Hill that said "While caring for over 100 children, accidents do happen. They also complete an accident/incident report for all children involved."

Reedholm said, "I understand that kids at this age are going to bite one another but for the short amount of time that all these accidents happened and the intensity increasing so dramatically in a short time was extremely alarming."

Reedholm says not all injuries received a report.

"They didn`t even know she was bitten, which that was extremely upsetting,” she said. “She had to have cried. It broke her skin. It left a scab and a bruise."

Reedholm’s younger son, Wyatt, was also in Kinder Care at Pleasant Hill and had a very positive experience.

After learning about the incidents, the Kinder Care Corporate office in Portland says the Pleasant Hill facility is in the process of retraining this week on classroom supervision, incident reporting and parent-teacher communication.


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