Editor’s note: A previous version of this story had incorrect information about the extent of the outage. Only MercyOne’s operations in central Iowa have been affected. We apologize for the error.

DES MOINES, Iowa — MercyOne has dealt with network outages in central Iowa after its information technology supplier was possibly targeted in a cyber attack. A mother says the lack of computers put her three-year-old son in danger under their care.

Kelley Parsi said she checked her son Jay into MercyOne in Des Moines for dehydration on October 3, the same day Mercy’s IT issues started. She believes her son received an abnormally high dose of Tylenol and codeine because of a lack of communication and an inability to pull up his records.

“The physician said, ‘We overdosed your son,'” Parsi recalled. “They gave him five times what was prescribed for the pain medicine and two times his body weight.”

Kelley said The Parsi family and MercyOne physicians monitored Jay for hours on end while he recovered from the administration.

“I was laying in his little bed in the hospital like, ‘Please, just stay awake buddy,'” Kelley Parsi said.

Parsi said her son was hospitalized for two days but is now doing well at home.

“Everybody’s like, ‘Are you going to sue?’ and I say, ‘No,'” Parsi said. “I’m just thankful that he’s a happy healthy little boy.”

The MercyOne outage has also led to larger problems in the metro, including the inability for Mercy patients to digitally receive their prescriptions. Instead, clinics are writing out prescriptions on pen and paper or faxing them over to pharmacies.

“We’ve had some patients who are disappointed and disgusted that they have to travel from Urbandale to Pleasant Hill to pick up their paper prescriptions,” said pharmacist John Forbes.

Forbes estimates one out of every five patients now walks in with prescriptions on paper.

“We’re seeing longer wait times for patients when they come in to get their medication because of the time it takes to get verification and clarification on the actual written prescription,” Forbes said.