Iowa Mom of Four Gets Ready to Compete for Mrs. America

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BONDURANT, Iowa – An Iowa wife and mom is in the middle of an adventure she never thought possible. Meghan Drane is getting ready to represent the state of Iowa on a national stage.

As a wife and mother, Drane is used to putting others first. “I remember telling my husband one day, I just feel like a very useful household appliance. I wash the dishes, I do the laundry, I clean the floors, I make the dinners, and I don`t really feel like anybody sees who I am,” she said.

Her husband is in the military so the family has moved around quite a bit. “We had four babies in four years, and we have moved to the west coast, two places on the east coast and we just got back from spending two years in Germany,” she said.

She wanted to do something for herself when she returned to her home state. She was crowned Mrs. Iowa America at a tri-state pageant in June. “It is to show off their talent, their intelligence, their community service, their passions, and it’s a venue for them to really further what they want in life,” she said.

Next month, she’ll compete for Mrs. America in Las Vegas. “It increases your communication skills. It strengthens your friendships. So many married women, especially when you`re married with young kids, they feel alone. They feel like they don`t have time for themselves,” she said.

In addition to an interview, the pageant also includes a swimsuit competition. “The swimsuit competition, some people see that as a physical, wow ok, we’re still doing that, but the thing is, that`s confidence. That`s confidence for a woman to go out and say, yes, I`m going to rock this.”

The confidence gained has helped Drane both on and off stage. “Being able to represent the married women in this country in a way that is authentic is what matters,” she said.

The Mrs. America pageant is August 17th-24th at Westgate Resort in Las Vegas. You can vote for your favorite by visiting Mrs. America’s website.


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