Mother Claims Police Aren’t Seeking Justice for her Daughter

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DES MOINES, Iowa -- A Des Moines mother claims the police department is not doing enough to seek justice for her daughter, after she was allegedly shot and raped. But police say there's more to the case than meets the eye, and the woman's daughter would not cooperate with detectives.

"I will never let this go, ever," said Joeanna Billington. "I am going to fight this anyway I can, and to be honest, you can put it on camera, you don`t have to. If they don`t do justice, I`m gonna get justice," said Billington. "I`m gonna hunt this man down again and again and again and again."

Billington is a mother on a mission, and she's speaking out because of what she says 46 year old Felix Calderon did to her daughter.

"He tried to kill my daughter," said Billington. "After the torture she went through, being shot, choked, raped repeatedly, beaten, left for dead, why are they letting him out again? Why isn`t he charged with attempted murder? Rape?"

Police say on July 10, Billington's 28 year-old daughter went over Calderon's residence at 1301 East Euclid, after Calderon had contacted the woman online to secure a sex for money arrangement.

According to the complaint and affidavit filed in court:

"Once the female arrived at the defendant's house, oral, vaginal and anal sex was performed for an agreed upon price of $100.00. The defendant did not think he received the amount of time agreed upon and there was an altercation that ensued. A fight over a gun that was produced caused the gun to go off striking the female in the back. Oral sex was then performed after this altercation to the defendant."

"If it was prostitution charger her, charger her," said Billington. "I will bail her out, but charge her with what you need to charge her with, but charge this guy with attempted murder for trying to kill my daughter."

Billington claims the evidence is cut and dry, but police disagree.

"It`s a complicated case and when you look at it from the outside at the surface details, it looks like oh man, there should be a lot more being done here, this isn`t doing anybody any justice," said Public Information Officer Sergeant Paul Parizek. "When you dig a little bit deeper and you find out that we`re running into some road blocks that people are putting there, that explains a little bit further why we can`t move forward right now."

Calderon is charged with prostitution -- an aggravated misdemeanor. Police say ultimately that was the one thing that they were absolutely certain they had probably cause to charge; based on the evidence.

The county attorney's office agrees, saying they go where the facts take them and with what they can prove.


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