Mortgage Company Refuses To Release Elderly Couple’s Insurance Payment

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TRURO, Iowa — An elderly couple that has already waited a month and a half to have their storm damaged home fixed will have to wait even longer because of a mortgage company that federal authorities say has a history of shafting customers.

Shortly after Judy and Richard Guyers Truro home was damaged in a storm, they filed a claim and their insurance company wrote a 39-thousand dollar check to mortgage company Green Tree Services. But Green Tree has been making the couple jump through hoops for weeks to get the money.    “I’ve cried and I can’t sleep and I don’t eat good. Nothing.” Judy Guyers told us while fighting back tears, “I just can’t handle it. It’s just too much. I just want my home back.”

We called Green Tree.  After waiting on the phone for 40-minutes, a representative for Green Tree Services told us all the paperwork was in and a check would be cut. The next day, Green Tree told the contractor one form was filled out wrong, and that would mean a seven to ten day wait.  But the company couldn’t tell the contractor what was wrong with the form.

“I didn’t fill it out right she said.” Contracter David Falke of Falke Construction told us, “And I said what do I need to change? (She said) ‘Well, I don’t know.’   I said OK I’ll change anything you want me to but I need to know what I need to change. Otherwise I’m gonna fill it out the same way. She said ‘Well we’re gonna have to look into it.”

In April, Green Tree was fined 63-million dollars for, “Mistreating borrowers.”   The Iowa Attorney General’s Office has also fielded dozens of complaints about the company.  “We’re concerned about patterns that emerge. And we’ve received several complaints from consumers who have claimed that the company has engaged in tactics regarding debt collection that concern us” Iowa Attorney General’s office spokesman Geoff Greenwood said,  “We’ve also gotten several complaints over the years about lost paperwork”

The company is expected to merge with another company by the end of the month and change it’s name to “Ditech, a Walter Company”. No one from parent company “Walter Investment Management” returned our calls for comment.

“I’ve worked with a lot of mortgage companies.” Falke told us, “I’ve done this for a long time. I’ve never had any company as bad as Green Tree.”

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