MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa— Rains were forecast for Iowa on Friday. But to see flash flooding was a bit of a surprise considering how dry Iowa has been.

“In a way we’ve been begging for rain we’re in a part of the drought,” said Kim Elder, Marshall Co. Emergency Manager, “We have some some low precipitation areas in Marshall County over the last couple years and seems like it’s either nothing or everything at once.”

Elder had spoken with the National Weather Service about possible ‘training storms’ – where a series of storms could come over the same area over and over.

“This morning they reassured me that it was not going to continue likely, they thought it would so it was moving on to the east,” said Elder, “It seems like him in the storm seem to stall out around the Story-Marshall County area and then more of our southern Marshall County got the higher amounts.”

Elder said that the Laurel and Gilman areas could have gotten 2-3 inches of rain in the area. The heavy rains did not cause any wash out problems.

“I talked to the secondary roads, to check with them to see if they’ve had anything,” said Elder, “They didn’t have any reports of anything that that over and the Culver over the roads or culverts, since we’ve had dry creek beds and  dry ditches.”

In Marshalltown, there was some flash flooding in the southwest part of town.

“I was uptown and I heard a flash flood warning for Marshall County and went to the office and looked out the window,“ said Todd Casady, of the Central Iowa Farm Store, “We always have a lot of water across here, but this is the most water I’ve seen here on this property and I’ll very long time.”