JEFFERSON, IOWA — Storms walloped counties from western Iowa into Central Iowa early Monday morning, hitting Greene County and the Jefferson area hardest.

“I was called like 4:15 for a severe storm warning,” said Jack Williams, Greene County Sheriff, “The storm hit here about three minutes after I got out in the car, the storm hits and then we are called to Spring Lake for campers trapped inside their camper with trees falling on them.”

On the east side of Spring Lake Park near Jefferson an ambulance crew was called when the tree fell on the camper. There were no injuries when the tree fell.

“It was really windy and it was getting really cold in the camper,” said Cameron Jackson, who was inside the camper with her Mom, “Then all I heard was a big thump, and  my head hit the wall,”

While there were no injuries the camper was left with a big tree branch coming through the roof and windows.

In town people were cleaning up. “Just beating  against windows, just awful, said Dennis Jordan, of Jefferson. “You can’t believe how loud it was.”

The storm did damage in Churdan, taking the roof off a downtown building, and crushing some grain bins east of Churdan. Also there was some corn leaning this morning due to the wind.

Out at Spring Lake Park other campers also were awakened early due to the storm. “About 4 o’clock our phones went off and we got a warning from Caroll saying Carroll had some big winds and damage,” said Mark Clingan, a Jefferson native visiting from Minneapolis. “So we loaded up the truck and stuff and moved away from all these trees.”