MORNING BUZZ: U of I Shooting, Heat and Weeds

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Good Morning,

U of I Shooting

If you’ve got a kid at University of Iowa for Summer school your ears probably perked up when we talked about shooting near campus this morning.  Not a lot of detail.

Seeing the “Hawk Alert” system used would make me feel better as a parent.  When Sally was going to Iowa for her MBA she was on the Hawk Alert system.  I was impressed that the University didn’t seem shy about using it.  If someone I loved was on that campus that’s the way I’d want it.


I was sad to see Duluth Minnesota devastated by flash flooding this week…the damage is amazing.  The street that was essentially washed away from the flooding was right outside where I lived.  I can imagine water rushing down that hill and doing that kind of damage.  They cause big problems in the winter too….  Those hills essentially become a sledding run for cars that can’t stop for traffic on cross streets.  


Congratulations to the Heat.  Now go away.  

One of our very astute camera operators told me this morning he is a Heat fan.  He says he’s happy they won, but he’s even happier that the narrative of the NBA can move on now that Lebron and the Heat have won.  I agree.  


So I finally got out into the yard to try to weed last night.  I filled four of those yard bags and didn’t even make a dent.  Some of it looks better and I got the roses cut back but I also got a couple scratches and at least one thorn embedded into my finger.  It was worth it.  The body bugg says I burned 4200 calories by the time I went to bed last night!  The only thing you forget is how many of your muscles you don’t regularly use when you do yard work.  They are identifying themselves to me this morning.


I hope we see some of you down at the Des Moines Arts Festival.  Jeriann and Brooke will be out at our booth tomorrow afternoon. I’ll be there with Murph on Sunday if he makes his way back from the US Olympic Trials.  I love it when those of you who spend your mornings with us, introduce yourselves.  It is especially nice to hear from those of you who read this blog.  Whether you agree or disagree…let us know!   



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