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Hal Snedeker, former owner of the Copper Dollar Ranch. (WHO-HD)
Hal Snedeker, former owner of the Copper Dollar Ranch. (WHO-HD)

WATERLOO, Iowa — Thursday brought another day of testimony in the Copper Dollar Ranch double murder case.  Fifty-four-year old Terri Supino is accused of killing her estranged husband and his girlfriend at the ranch back in 1983.

Thursday the former owner of the ranch, Hal Snedeker continued his testimony. Immediately after the murders Snedeker emerged as a suspect.  He was a high level drug trafficker at the time, and he had been told that one of the victims, Steven Fisher, was a snitch.

Snedeker testified that he was given immunity from arrest in exchange for cooperating with police.  He says he was trafficking hundreds of pounds of marijuana at the time of the murders, and that on one occasion, he sent Fisher to Florida with $36,000 to pay for a shipment.  He also testified that he had been warned that Fisher was working as a police informant.

Thursday Snedeker told the jury he did not kill Fisher or his girlfriend, Melisa Gregory.