CARLISLE, Iowa — It’s quickly becoming a popular trend. Homeowners are adding humidifiers to their HVAC systems.

Dan Hamm with Wycoff Heating and Cooling said he’s seeing more people adding humidifiers lately because of the several benefits they provide to buyers.

He said a humidifier is installed to an existing HVAC system. It’s usually attached to the ductwork and then taps into the home’s hot water system.

As for benefits, Hamm said humidity constantly flowing throughout a house can help prevent wood floors and drywall from potentially splitting. It also has several health benefits.

“Dry skin, bloody nose, eczema, all of that type of stuff it does help with,” he said. “Helps with better sleep at night. Helps with snoring so if you have a spouse that snores, humidifier might be a good issue for them.”

Hamm recommends homeowners stay away from humidifiers if the house is less than a year old because new wood already contains moisture. Some new homes can’t have humidifiers installed due to their ductwork.

He said there are two types of humidifiers that could be attached to an HVAC system, a manual one someone adjusts or an automatic humidifier that adjusts based on the temperature inside and outside the house.