Moravia Teacher Resigns After Incident During Senior Trip


Moravia High School (WHO-HD)

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MORAVIA, Iowa  —  A Moravia teacher has resigned amid allegations of drinking and driving while chaperoning students during a trip.

The alleged incident happened while a group of 20 Moravia High School seniors were traveling to Tampa Bay, Florida.

One of the parents, Mandy Kelley, went to Facebook to vent about the situation.

“Last week the senior class of Moravia went on an awesome trip to Florida. The kids had fun, followed the rules, and made lifelong memories. Unfortunately, for kids in 2 of those vehicles, those memories will include that time the teachers were drunk and drove us to the airport,” said Kelley in a Facebook post.

Channel 13 followed up with Kelley and she shared some disturbing details.

“She was running red lights. She was jumping over curbs. She was going between 30-90 miles per hour on the interstate outside the Tampa airport,” said Kelley.

Kelley said she got the information from her son and other students on the trip.

Moravia Superintendent Brad Breon addressed the situation on Tuesday evening.

“We had an incident on the class trip. It dealt with one of our sponsors that teaches here. When they came back we dealt with it right away. She resigned, and that is where we are at today,” said Breon.

Breon could only share so much because this is a personnel issue. He also says the district needs to be cautious with the situation because of the lack of proof.

“We do take this quite serious, we don’t condone this whatsoever. Never will, never have,” said Breon.

Kelley goes on to say the teacher who resigned had a long history with drinking, and this was bound to happen eventually.

“It’s not really a secret that these teachers like to have a good time,” said Kelley. “There is one other reported incident where there was drinking at school activities.”

Breon was asked about the records of the teacher and if there was any drinking history.

“With school, no,” said Breon.

Breon said there was no discussion of contacting the authorities to report the matter and that it was handled internally. However, he did say there will be extra time spent before classes begin next year to discuss the employee conduct code​.

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