STUART, Iowa — Monday morning at West Central Valley High School in Stuart, there was a big outdoor assembly and some drama – a mock accident, involving a drunk driver. 

In the drama, four of the students at the school play victims in the accident. Students watched as one of the fatally injured students was laid by the crash site, and placed into a body bag. Another student who was playing the driver who had been drinking was asked to walk a straight line, and to stand on one foot. An officer then administered a breath test. The driver was then placed in handcuffs and taken to a squad car.

 “If Sam ( the driver) had adhered to one simple piece of advice, none of this would not have happened,” said  Sgt. Katie Guisinger of the Stuart Police Department, “This was a mock accident, no one was really hurt.”

While the actors in this production had make-up wounds on their faces and arms, the School Community Resource Officer wanted to make sure the students know the real thing does happen.

“Everyone of us up here has been to one of these crashes in real life,” said Guisinger.  “We know first hand the tragedy and pain this  causes, we want you to be safe, and  never to have to experience this.” 

“It would be absolutely awful in real life and it’s hard to watch that even just when we know it’s fake,” said Abby Balsmeier, a student at the school. “I know all of those kids they’re all my friends, so it’s pretty hard to see.”