MISSING PERSONS: Iowa By The Numbers

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The names Lyric Cook and Elizabeth Collins have become fairly well know across the state since the girls went missing in July, but not all missing persons cases get so much media coverage.

According to the Missing Person Information Clearinghouse there are 382 people considered missing in our state.  Of those, 259 were 18-years-old or younger when they were reported missing.

The earliest case on file dates back to 1973.

When a person is considered missing they are assigned a certain incident type those include: juvenile, disability-physical/mental, endangered/physical, involuntary disappearance, other adult missing, or missing after a catastrophe.

From 1999-2011 an average of 7.5 juveniles were reported each year as involuntarily missing.  Lyric and Elizabeth were listed as endangered. Six other juveniles are currently reported missing in that category.

The Missing Person Information Clearinghouse updates their website every 4 hours to ensure accurate information.

They are also responsible for keeping records of bodies found that have never been identified.

They currently list six bodies found in Iowa that haven’t been identified. One of those bodies was found in Clinton County back to 1975. Two were found in Des Moines, the first in 1984 and the other in 2005.

The others include a Sioux City find in 1986,  Winneshiek County in 1986, and Woodbury County in 1988.


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