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Grandview Golf Course on Des Moines’ East side is trying to figure out how thousands of dollars of equipment went missing, and how the thieves were able to break into a locked area.

Around 5:00 Saturday morning an employee realized the tools needed to maintain the course were gone.

“He discovered that someone had broken into our storage buildings and stole several pieces of equipment,” says Golf Course Manager Ned Chiodo.

Chiodo, who manages all three Des Moines courses, says two industrial lawn mowers, a tractor and a pull behind mower were all missing.

Chiodo says one of the shed doors had the pad lock cut through and two others were either picked or a key was used.

“They knew exactly where to go which is very suspicious, they knew how to start the equipment which is not easy and they had to have two pick-up trucks and two large trailers so this was very well thought out and planned and these are not small time thieves,” says Chiodo.

Initial police reports estimate $45,000 of equipment was taken, but Chiodo says it will be closer to $80,000 to replace the equipment the course counts on daily.

“It has to be somebody in the business or somebody who knows somebody in the lawn business because it`s big pieces of equipment, it`s not something you would take home to use,” says Chiodo.

The course plans to replace the missing equipment on Monday, which is covered by insurance.

Police do not have any suspects listed.