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DES MOINES, Iowa  —  Behind the glitz and glam of the crown, Miss Iowa 2018 has a powerful story and message about anti-bullying and mental health awareness. Mikhayla Hughes-Shaw is touring schools across Iowa with her “5 Lessons of H.O.P.E.” campaign in conjunction with her “How About H.O.P.E.” organization.

“It stands for Helping Others and Providing Encouragement and it is for mental health and suicide awareness, what I have been doing throughout my year as Miss Iowa is partnering with different mental health organizations and suicide organizations across the state but now my goal is to reach kids and talk about prevention,” Hughes-Shaw said.

The five lessons of H.O.P.E. are:

  1. Love Yourself
  2. Try Something New
  3. Speak Out
  4. Have Confidence
  5. Follow Your Dreams

Hughes-Shaw wants to speak to middle school and high school students because of an alarming statistic about suicide.

“Suicide is the second leading cause of death from 10 to 24-year-olds in Iowa and Illinois,” Hughes-Shaw said.

When Hughes-Shaw was 17 she struggled with depression and suicidal thoughts and she wants to serve as an inspiration for those who are struggling now. She also wants students to understand their resources as well as how to help each other.

“What I always preach is kindness, because sometimes that is all the prevention that anybody needs,” Hughes-Shaw said.

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