DES MOINES – It’s been two years since the Kiwanis Miracle League has been able to have a full season of baseball games for special needs children due to the pandemic.

This Saturday, Kiwanis Miracle League will return to Des Moines for a full season leaving parents, coaches, and players excited.

Jan Burch, the president of Kiwanis Miracle League in Des Moines, said that parents have been lighting up social media in anticipation for the return of miracle league.

“Our players and families emails, facebook, and social media have been going crazy with people saying ‘were glad to be back our kids have missed it,'” Burch said.

On Saturday more than 150 kids will get the chance to play America’s favorite pastime. However Miracle League also provides for adults with special needs, a group that normally is left out.

“It means a lot to the older ones as well we actually now have four adult teams. Believe it or not these kids who started with us in 2008 or 2010, they’ve somehow gotten older and we realized when you reach 18 or 19 and you have special needs there are not a lot of places for you to participate in anything,” Burch said. “So we just felt we needed to add and experience these kids as they are getting older.”

To learn more about Kiwanis Miracle League and the services they provide check out their website.