Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi Speaks at Polk County Democrats Dinner

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DES MOINES, Iowa  --  The Polk County Democrats hosted their annual spring dinner on Saturday.

“We’ve raised a lot of money tonight, and that will be getting Democrats elected this spring and this fall,” Polk County Democrats Chair Sean Bagniewski said.

U.S. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi headlined the dinner and stressed the importance of the upcoming election.

“They just get more crucial. And there’s nothing that the current president of the United States has advanced or done policy wise that the Republicans in Congress haven’t done worse and for a longer period of time,” Pelosi said.

Republicans held their own press conference in response to Pelosi coming to Iowa. Iowa GOP Chair Jeff Kaufmann said Iowans have nothing in common with Pelosi.

“If you say you’re going to reach out to rural Iowa and your three keynote speakers, the three big dogs that you’re bringing in, are old San Francisco Liberals. You bring in one, that’s fine, but, I mean, these folks may as well be from Neptune. I don’t think they grow corn in Neptune,” Kaufmann said

One Iowa Democratic representative said it’s important now more than ever that all Democrats join together.

“When we look at Iowa being number one, why wouldn’t we bring people in from around the country to show what Iowa is about and that we are Democrats that have to work across the country,” said Democratic Representative Ako Abdul-Samad of Des Moines.

Pelosi addressed Republicans saying, “We will see you at the polls.”

"This election is not about Democrats and Republicans. It's about America. It's about the vows of our founders. They gave us guidance. They said to us, 'E pluribus unum.' From many, one. They didn’t know how many we would become or how different we would be, but they knew we had to be one," Pelosi said.

Approximately 325 people attended the dinner.

Democrats have quite a few candidates in the primary in some high-profile races like governor and the third and fourth congressional districts compared to their Republican and Libertarian counterparts. The primary election is June 5th.


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