Military Tank Rolls Through Iowa Bible Camp to Demolish Old Buildings

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MANSON, Iowa — Twin Lakes Bible Camp near Manson has been in operation since 1956. It has seen many Christian and family gatherings over the years, but it has not seen an event like they held Saturday.

A group of people gathered to watch two of the original camp buildings be torn down in a matter of minutes. The camp contacted to bring a unit down from near Mankato, Minnesota, to help level the buildings.

The space is needed at the camp to erect a new dining and gathering center, which will also provide storm shelter coverage for more people than the camp can currently shelter.

“Our campaign goal is $2.5 million and we’re about halfway there on the fundraising,” said Scott Larsen, Twin Lakes Bible Camp director. “We’re so excited about where we are, but the first million is easier to raise than the second million.”

The group is on track to open the new facility in 2020.

“We’re still on schedule, it was summer start to our building which is why we had to demo the old building,” said Larsen. “Our plan is to start building the summer build through the fall and winter and have it open for business by summer of 2020.”

The tank demolition idea kind of came out of the blue.

“We needed to tear down buildings but I wanted to do it in a way that would maybe draw some attention to our project,” said Larsen. “Talked to a friend of mine. He said ‘I know a guy was got a tank.’ I said, that’s intriguing, let’s talk to him.” brought a tank down from near Mankato. He would not take any payment for his service, even though that website does hire out to people who want to have a working military-style tank at their event.

“He came down for free, I asked him, can I send you a check, and he’s like “ for what,” said Larsen. “Just a real generous gesture on his part, he kind of got caught up in the mission of it.”

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