DES MOINES, Iowa — Former vice president Mike Pence spoke in front of about 200 students and staff at Des Moines Christian on Wednesday in the second day of his most recent campaign events in the state. Much of the conversation focused on faith as Pence answered questions from the audience.

“Psalm 119 is a great verse in the Bible,” Pence said as he answered a student’s question about how faith guides his political decisions. “It says your word makes me wiser than my teachers. I hope that this lifelong study of God’s word has better equipped me to serve, not only strengthened my resolve but also just given me wisdom.”

Pence continued, “you’re constantly making choices. You’re constantly making decisions. I hope my faith has granted me a modicum of wisdom to be able to make good decisions along the way.”

Pence has not revealed his own decision about whether he will run for president in 2024. But he has confirmed to return to Iowa next week for Senator Joni Ernst’s annual Roast and Ride fundraiser in Des Moines on June 3.