Michelle Boat Admits to Stabbing Estranged Husband’s Girlfriend, ‘I just snapped’


KNOXVILLE, Iowa — The Pella woman accused of killing her estranged husband’s girlfriend in May of 2020 took the stand in her own defense Monday and admitted to the stabbing.

Michelle Boat is charged with first-degree murder. Police say she stabbed Tracy Mondabaugh outside the Pella apartment Mondabough had been sharing with Nick Boat in May of last year.

The state claims the crime was premeditated but the defense says it happened in the heat of the moment.

On the stand, Boat said she followed Mondabaugh that day to find out where her husband was living so she could beg him to come home. Boat said when she confronted her, Mondabaugh attacked her.

“She was hitting me and hitting me and yelling at me,” Boat testified. “I just snapped and I grabbed the knife and I just stabbed her and I dropped the knife and I went around the car and went home.”

Boat said she had a knife in car for protection since her husband left her.

The state then asked Boat about previous threats she made to Mondabough in the past. Boat said she was hoping to scare off Mondabough so she’d leave her husband.

The defense rested its case Monday and closing arguments in the trial are scheduled to begin Tuesday morning.

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