Iowa Wells Fargo Customers Left Without Access to Accounts

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DES MOINES, Iowa — On Thursday, many Wells Fargo customers had trouble accessing their money whether it was with their debit cards or through online banking.

Wells Fargo customer Jason Grove said his usual trip to the gas station took an unusual turn when he got to the counter and swiped his debit card.

“And it just got rejected and declined. I had no idea why anything like that, I mean I was using it for like 14 bucks. And ended up having some cash on me, so I did pay that and then there was still two bucks and it still wouldn’t run on two dollars. So it was just embarrassing. I had to use my credit card and it finally went through then,” Grove said.

Grove stopped by a Wells Fargo location to see what the problem was and a teller told him debit cards probably wouldn’t work for most of the day due to a system wide problem.

“You have to have your debit card to pretty much buy anything anymore. So not being able to use it is concerning, especially when it’s this bad out and do you have kids and everything else. Getting gas getting food, getting just the small things is not easy.”

Another customer, Michael Koenig said he and his wife had a similar issue when she was at the grocery store and they couldn’t log in to check on their account.

“It’s always concerning when you can’t go find information especially about your specific account it makes you a little nervous as to what’s going on,”Koenig said.

Koenig said these problems won’t force them to leave Wells Fargo, but they are considering carrying more cash from now on.

“Obviously we have to be able to access our money, but I think if they get it resolved quickly and they can move forward with it, without having additional issues, I don’t think we will leave. Because like I said, we’ve banked with them for almost 16 years now and it’s been pretty consistent so far,” Koenig said.

Wells Fargo said posted a statement on twitter about the problem.

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