DES MOINES, Iowa — Des Moines is home to many historical landmarks. Some of which paranormal experts claim are haunted.

“Hoyt Sherman I’ve heard of, I’ve heard some of the cemeteries are haunted,” Eric Larson, a member of Spirits of Iowa Paranormal Society said.

Spirits of Iowa Paranormal Society or SIPS is an organization of paranormal investigators that investigate homes and businesses for signs of paranormal activity.

Dane Andersen, the founder of the society, said that they go into investigations looking to debunk.

“We’re very scientific and we like to debunk things. So for example, if people say ‘hey there’s a cold spot in my house for a second.’ Well, okay, is the air conditioning on? Do you have a draft from a window, a leak somewhere? So we will try to debunk it we never assume it’s paranormal,” Andersen said.

One place in Des Moines that SIPS says is haunted is Woodland Cemetery.

Andersen said that it is important to respect the history of haunted locations while investigating.

“That if you want to come to Woodland Cemetary it’s not just the ghosts that makes it interesting, it’s the history. When you look at Des Moines as a whole there’s so much history involved so you have to be very respectful of the property, you can’t just come and vandalize the property, and just enjoy the history for what it is,” Andersen said.

To learn more about SIPS or to request an investigation into the paranormal, visit SIPS’ Facebook page.