DES MOINES – West Des Moines Community Schools has been updating its schools’ main entrances to be more secure since 2018. This summer the district will finish updating Valley Southwoods High School and Stillwell Junior High School which are the last two schools the district has yet to update.

The updated main entrances have multiple sets of doors and when guests visit the school they are required to sign in to get into the building.

After the tragic mass shooting at an elementary school in Uvalde, Texas, more Iowans are looking to what schools are doing to ensure safety.

Laine Mendenhall-Buck, the Director of School/Community Relations at West Des Moines Community Schools said that safety drills are an important part of what the school district does to stay safe and that they meet regularly to discuss what additional safety measures can be taken.

“Building staff and students participate each year in safety drills and staff are trained on how to respond if they feel there is a potential threat,” Mendenhall-Buck said. “We have monthly district safety meetings and analyze what we currently have in place and consider if we need to make adjustments as we continue to prioritize student and staff safety.”

West Des Moines Community Schools has full details of their school safety and crisis plan on their website.