URBANDALE, Iowa – Last week the city of Urbandale voted to start plans for a new community recreation center at Walnut Creek Regional Park. Now the city is looking for input from residents on what amenities the rec center should include.

“We’re going to do a follow-up community survey to find out from the community what would you like to see in this facility now that it’s been determined to be a recreation complex,” said Jan Herke, the city’s Parks and Recreation Director.

Herke said that a recreation complex has been in the city’s master plan since 2006.

Next year in March, Urbandale residents will vote on a bond referendum which would fun the construction of the recreation center. Back in January of this year, the city found in a survey that 77% of residents were for building a community center.

Herke said that the public’s input is critical in public works projects so the city provides services residents actually want and need.

Another important thing that the city is looking at when planning the new rec center is what other cities are building. Urbandale wants to avoid building a community center that offers services their residents already have access to.

“Any facility we do build is meant to compliment what we are currently providing. Also, we are working with our neighboring communities and what they are providing and looking to compliment, and working together with other communities so that were not duplicating similar services,” said Herke.

Before the referendum vote next March, the city will have the amenities for the proposed recreation center decided and a rendering of what it will look like available so voters can make an informed decision.