URBANDALE, Iowa — Students in Urbandale protested potential changes to Roe v. Wade Wednesday, the landmark ruling that confirmed a constitutional right to abortion.

More than 200 Urbandale High School students walked out of class to Lions Park to protest a leaked draft opinion suggesting the court may overturn the ruling. They say the walkout isn’t only about reproductive rights but equal rights for all.

“Because no matter what, laws should be we all get our own rights. It’s just common sense, in my opinion, and I believe it’s not right that we even have to fight for this,” said junior Hanna Herzberg.

Student organizers say they’re concerned the laws are stifling the country’s progress. 

Yesterday’s vote in the U.S. Senate ended with an expected result, all Republicans along with Democratic Senator Joe Manchin, voted down a bill to protect abortion rights nationwide.

Supreme Court justices are expected to release a final ruling on Roe v. Wade by early July.