URBANDALE, Iowa — The City of Urbandale is building a new dog park in a quiet neighborhood just north of I-35/80. However, some neighbors have concerns about the impact the park may have on their neighborhood.

Some neighbors voiced concerns about increased traffic in the neighborhood causing issues as well as more people from outside the neighborhood impacting privacy.

Scott Hock, the City of Urbandale’s Assistant Director of Parks, Recreation and Facilities, said that with any public project, the city will try to listen to and address residents’ concerns.

“With any of our projects of course we want to get input from the neighbors. We have the city council and for this particular one we had a session up here where we invited the neighbors to come in and share their concerns,” Hock said.

Hock said that the dog park won’t have as severe of an impact as the neighborhood resident think.

“One of the big questions we had was just traffic flow and of course, there will be people using the dog park and that’s what we hope but one of the amenities so you actually have to register your dog,” Hock said, “It won’t be something where you can just drop in and use the facility you will have to pre-register and that will help control the usage a little bit.”

Hock also said that the dog park will have more steady traffic throughout the day compared to a baseball field or similar public space that has many people coming at the same time.

The Urbandale Dog Park will finish construction around the summer of 2023. To learn more about the park visit the City of Urbandale’s website.