DES MOINES, Iowa — When it gets cold, a lot of people think about those who are going without. One local organization’s mission is to serve the homeless and hungry one burrito at a time.

Every week, a group of volunteers meets to make burritos and sandwiches to serve the Metro’s most in need.

“Our job is, we make food and give it all away. It’s as simple as that,” Joe Laslo, CEO of Urban Bicycle Food Ministry, said. 

Laslo started Urban Bicycle Food Ministry nearly seven years ago by handing out burritos while riding his bike. Now, that effort has turned into dozens of volunteers preparing food and collecting items, as well as making relationships along the way.

“Just to see that wonderful interaction of someone who thinks the world has forgotten them and that little act of kindness can brighten their day so much,” Terri Pollard, one of the volunteers, said.

Volunteers go out on six different routes to make the deliveries. People are able to take what they need, and some who have received from the group before are now able to give back.

“For me, I try to pay that back,” Tracy McCutchen, a volunteer who used to be homeless, said. “You can’t do it… but the only thing I can do is pay it forward.”

Urban Bicycle Food Ministry is always looking for donations and volunteers. You can learn more at their website.