DES MOINES, Iowa — Terrace Hill is one of Des Moines’ most notable landmarks, and visitors had the chance to see the Governor’s Mansion’s Christmas decorations a week before the big day.

“We have four trees inside. Everything is decorated, so we love to show it off,” said Terrace Hill administrator Diane Becker. “All of the families that come are happy, you just can’t beat it.”

The mansion welcomed tourists for $25 per person Sunday afternoon. The Christmas celebration featured live reindeer and food vendors, as well as an appearance by Gov. Kim Reynolds.

“The governor loves to have people on the grounds,” Becker said. With the fence it’s a little harder, but we love to have these family events were everyone can come.”

Becker said the money raised from the Christmas celebration will be crucial for maintaining Terrace Hill in the year ahead.

“Lots of our furniture needs to be reupholstered, so we buy fabric and have it redone,:” Becker said. “There’s just always a repair or something broken that needs to be fixed, so all that money goes towards the repair and upkeep of the house.”