WEST DES MOINES, Iowa — While some metro pools are struggling to open this season due to staffing shortages, over in West Des Moines, they were able to kick off their Memorial Day Weekend with a splash. 

Holiday Park and Valley View Aquatic Center both opened on Saturday. Park supervisors tell us that they were able to hire many of their seasonal staff back this year, which helped them be prepared for this busy unofficial start to summer.

“We may bring on a couple of more staff throughout the summer, but we’re fortunate enough right now to be fully staffed. We’re very excited here? What’s my Parks and Rec to have the pools open starting this, you know, this weekend and then starting back up next weekend for the rest of summer,” said Trevor Hoth, the Recreational Coordinator for West Des Moines. 

You can find the list of West Des Moines pool schedules here