DES MOINES, Iowa — The State Board of Education will hear arguments Thursday over the Johnston School District approving the Turning Point-USA student group.

A group of four, including three parents of Johnston students, are challenging the board of directors’ decision to approve the conservative group last spring. They say three school board members violated the board’s policy when they publicly advocated for the club on social media prior to the vote.

The club, Turning Point-USA, was created by students who felt that their political beliefs and ideals were not heard in the school district. Turning Point-USA is a national non-profit that aims to educate and organize students to promote freedom.

In the original application for the club, filed in August of 2021, the club’s purpose was described as “holding teachers and students accountable, helping stop the spread of a biased agenda, socialism, critical race theory, and big government.” The description has since changed.

The group of appellants has presented news articles and social media posts from national Turning Point USA officers and members showing content that they call hateful.

The meeting takes place at the Grimes State Office Building at 9:30 a.m. and can also be accessed live on ZOOM here.