DES MOINES, Iowa — The Salvation Army is giving away thousands of toys Tuesday as part of their toy shop. At the Toy Shop, parents who signed up are able to get toys for their children for free.

The Salvation Army gets all of its toys through donations, and although the total number of donations has gone down they still expect to be able to provide two toys per child. Their goal is to make sure that no child goes without a gift on Christmas.

Ivriana Jones, a mother of six and a participant in the Toy Shop, said that the program allows her to make sure her kids have Christmas presents.

“It’s hard to give them toys and see them smile on Christmas and I don’t want them to feel like they can’t get anything for Christmas so this program actually helped a lot because I’m able to make sure my kids get a Christmas,” Jones said.

Jones also said that there is a wide variety of toys to choose from. Parents at the Toy Shop are able to pick out what toys they want for their children.

“I think that’s good that they do it that way instead of just giving you something just thrown in a bag like most toy give outs do,” Jones said, “They let you choose your own and I love that about them because I was able to choose something my kids actually like and I know will actually play with.”

To donate to the Salvation Army or learn more about their programs visit their website.