DES MOINES – The Cash Saver on Fleur Drive has a new restaurant inside, one with an incredible story.

Ruby B’s has found its first in-person location letting them share their food with more people than ever.

Dwana Bradley, one of the founders of Ruby B’s, said that it all started with family.

“That’s where it started family members sitting at a table having a discussion of what this could be and then it just grew into this and then we got the opportunity to be at Kitchen Spaces,” Bradley said.

Kitchen Spaces is a commercial kitchen for rent. It was there that the Bradley family was able to learn business skills that eventually led them to move into Cash Saver.

“Because we moved in really small and incremental steps I believe that this will blow up for us too and eventually someday we really will be in our own brick and mortar our own space but we couldn’t ask for anything better than Cash Savers at this time,” Bradley said.

Ruby B’s gets its name from Bradley’s great-grandmother Ruby Parsons Bradley. It’s her recipes that are the inspiration for the food they cook and how they cook food for the soul.

“When you come into this space you’re going to see our family greet you with a smile and laugh with you and joke with you. We always say that our food is food for the soul with a little bit of seasoning and that’s what we do we want to bring comfort and joy to your life and hopefully you see that the minute you walk into our space,” Bradley said.

Ruby B’s is open every day of the week except Monday. To learn more about what they have to offer visit the business’ website.